How to Book An Appointment with Jack the Immigration Lawyer

Please read the following BEFORE you make your appointment:

Appointment link:

Appointment Times: All available time slots are listed in the schedule. If you don’t see the time slot you want, it means it is not available or not open for consultation. If you can’t find a suitable time, you may contact the attorney through the direct line: +1(323) 380-8034 by text message to arrange for a consultation time.

Time Zone: The Calendly system will automatically convert the available time slots to your time zone. Therefore, the available slots you see are already in your time zone. Please double check the AM/PM carefully when selecting your appointment because many people mistake PM for AM and made a very late appointment thinking that the appointment is in the morning.

Contact Information: You must leave a USA-based phone number, otherwise the attorney WILL NOT be able to call you.

If you do not have a US number, choose the option for Google Meet. You will receive information for the meeting in the confirmation email. If you prefer using Whatsapp, Wechat, Facebook or Skype, you must reach out ahead of time via text message to set up contact details.

Facebook Messenger:

WhatsApp: +1 (323) 380-8034

Line ID: jcsimmigration

Wechat: jack-c-sung


Instagram: jack.c.sung

Venmo: jack-sung

Confirmation Email: Please DOUBLE CHECK your phone number and email address to make sure they are correct before submitting. After you submit, CHECK YOUR EMAIL to make sure you receive a confirmation email to confirm that an appointment has been scheduled. No confirmation email means the appointment has not been made.

Missed Appointments: If you miss your appointment, you may reschedule but there will be NO REFUND. The amount is applied to reserving the attorney’s time for the scheduled appointment. You may transfer the unused session to someone else.

Additional Time: Please note that by purchasing this consultation, you agree to pay 65 USD for every additional 5 minutes of extra time added to the consultation. The attorney reserves the right to waive this fee.

Consultation Fee Credit: If you decide to retain our office to assist you with your immigration needs, your consultation fee will be refunded towards your legal fees.

Payment Information: To pay by credit card, make sure to use Windows, Linux or Android systems. For iOS users on computer or iphone, only Paypal is available. Other payment options include Zelle or Venmo; please include your full name and appointment time when you send via Zelle or Venmo. 

Zelle = 

Venmo = @jack-sung

Click on the link below proceed to the consultation portal.


Please read before you schedule a free consultation:

Free consultation is for the first consultation only. All subsequent consultations will be paid consultation.

Free consultation appointments are first come first served, so please be sure to schedule it as soon as possible.

Please also note that free consultation appointments are limited to one day a week.

Provide a US number. If no US number is provided, please provide a social media account for the attorney to reach you. The attorney cannot call non-US numbers.

If you are not located in the US, please schedule the consultation time carefully. You will not get a call if provide a non-US number.  Calendly app will determine your time zone based on your device's current location.  The time slot you see will be based on your PC's time zone. 

The attorney can request $65 for any additional 5 minutes, and the attorney may also waive this fee.

The time slots you see on the calendars are all available. There is no need to ask or email the attorney if he would be available for the specific time slot.

You will receive a confirmation email once the appointment has been made. If you did not receive a confirmation email, it means the appointment has not been made.  Please check your spam folder first if you did not receive a confirmation. 

Click to proceed to the free consultation portal