Domestic Violence Victim Green Card

Legal Resources for Abused Immigrants

Our Los Angeles immigration lawyers can offer you many types of legal assistance to aid you if you are being abused. We can help you assess your circumstances and if possible, we will offer you help in changing your situation. Our free initial consultation is confidential and private. Our experienced immigration attorneys are both friendly and supportive of individuals in need of assistance. Don’t be afraid to call us today!

We can help you to protect your safety:

  • Temporary & Permanent Restraining Orders

  • U visa for victims of crime (including domestic violence)

  • T visa for victims of extreme trafficking in persons

  • S visa for being of assistance to law enforcement

We can help you obtain a U.S. green card:

  • Abused spouse Immigrant Visa petitions

  • Marriage-Based & Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas

  • Gender & domestic violence based Asylum

  • Substitution of Marriage-Based Immigrant Visa for Battered Spouse Immigrant visa to keep adjustment of status (permanent residency application) going;

  • Adjustment of Status Application (green card application & representation at USCIS)

  • Advance Parole filings (for travel outside the U.S.)

  • Attorney Green Card Interview representation at USCIS interview

  • FOIA requests to get a complete copy of your immigration file from USCIS

We can help you removing conditions from a green card:

  • Joint Petition to Release Condition

  • Waivers (petitioning without your spouse) to keep your green card

We can help you after your green card is obtained:

  • Re-entry Permits

  • Reserving Residency for Citizenship

  • Citizenship

We can help you in your deportation defense:

  • Abuse-based waivers for arrests, lying to INS, and more;

  • Business Immigration Options

  • Visitor’s Visas