Marriage Green Card

A marriage based green card may seem like a happy ending to a romantic international romance, and the start of a new life together in the United States. Although you can file your own application or marriage petition, having a good immigration attorney helping you in the process can make the difference between an approval and a denial. Whether you attempt to apply on your own or retain our services as your experienced immigration attorney, you will need to provide many documents to support your petition. Please remember that each case is unique and your best possible application may or may not include the following documents.

Documents Often Needed for the U.S. Citizen Spouse or Petitioner for Green Card:

  • Original naturalization certificate, U.S passport

  • Certified copy of birth certificate with translation, if applicable

  • 6 passport size photographs (2X2 inch and white background)

  • Letter from employer stating annual salary, job title and date you started working

  • Recent paycheck stubs

  • most recent year's tax return

  • W2 or 1099

  • Airline ticket or receipt for marriage trip

  • Phone bills, Skype (or similar) log of calls and communications made between the two of you

Documents Often Needed for the Foreign National Spouse or Beneficiary of a Green Card:

  • Certified copy of birth certificate with translation, if applicable

  • Applicant entry documents (passport, I-94, I-20s, IAP-66, etc.)

  • Medical records (form and list of doctors attached)

  • Miscellaneous: anything regarding a bona fide marriage

  • 6 passport size photographs. (2X2 inch and white background)

Documents Required by BOTH Petitioner and Beneficiary for Marriage Green Card:

  • Certified copy of marriage certificate with translation, if applicable

  • Engagement pictures, wedding pictures, photos of couple with family/friends, family photos (please label as to date, location and names of individuals in the photographs)

  • Joint bank accounts or credit cards

  • Property registered in both names

  • Insurance policies (medical, life, auto, etc.) with both names

  • Any documents with both your names on them, e.g. Letters, bills, statements, memberships, subscriptions, invitations, etc.

  • Lease contact or mortgage showing joint signatures/tenants