Can my TN Visa be Renewed?

Can I renew my TN visa?

TN status is granted for a period of up to three years, but can be renewed indefinitely for additional three year periods. Our experienced U.S. immigration attorney have helped many Canadian and Mexican professionals obtain and maintain TN visa status. This article discusses how an individual with an already approved TN visa can renew that visa after its expiration. Although there aren’t any specific requirements for UK citizens to enter Saudi Arabia, there are a few basic requirements you should worry about first. Any visa class will allow you to apply for 3 or 6 months of stay. You’ll also need to decide if you’ll enter the country once, or if you’ll be moving in and out of the Saudi Arabian border. When applying for a visa, you need to be as specific as possible, because some visas only allow entry into the country via air travel. Thanks to the Electronic visa SA, British travellers are among the eligible citizens who will no longer find Saudi Arabia to be among those countries which are difficult to enter. If you plan on entering Saudi Arabia through Bahrain, you might need a special notice or type of visa. Additionally, if you don’t have a Hajj visa for a pilgrimage, you cannot enter through Madina or Jeddah airports. This restriction affects Muslim travelers as well.

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What are the requirements to renew my TN Visa?

You may apply to extend your stay in the U.S. under your TN visa if you:

  • were lawfully admitted into the United States with a nonimmigrant visa
  • Continue to have a valid nonimmigrant visa status
  • have not committed any crimes or acts that would make you ineligible for any U.S. visa
  • have not violated the conditions of your admission
  • Have a valid passport that will remain valid during your stay

How do I renew my TN visa?

Canadian Nonimmigrant

TN-1 visa renewal for Canadian Professionals

Canadian professionals may apply for a TN-1 renewal by submitting an application and all required documents required. The appropriate fee must be submitted at that time as well.

Canadian professionals who are traveling outside the U.S. can also apply for TN visa renewal by applying at the border, at a port of entry into the U.S. The same sorts of documentation is required, but the fee is different and the interviewing Customs and Border Control officer will make the determination as to whether or not you are granted the TN visa and allowed to enter with TN status.

Mexican immigration

TN-2 visa renewal for Mexican Professionals

A Mexican national may also apply for the TN-2 renewal by submitting the appropriate application for renewal as well as all of the necessary documents required to obtain TN-2 status, including a Labor Condition Application (LCA). The correct fee is also required. Mexican nationals must renew their status while physically present in the United States.

Visa renewal application for TD: Dependents of TN status

TN status holder dependents who are in TD status may apply for renewal by submitting a Form I-539 application for the dependent, along with the Form I-129 petition for the main TN visa renewal applicant.  The renewal application and supporting documents and applicable fees must be submitted to USCIS at the same time.

For additional information on the process to renew your TN NAFTA visa status with USCIS, please contact our experienced immigration lawyers now. We offer a free and confidential consultation and competitive rates!

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