What is Self-Deportation from the United States?

Should I Self-Deport instead?

Once you are subject to a final Order of Removal, any departure from the United States is deemed to "execute" the Order of Removal. You do not have to wait for ICE to take you into custody to leave the country.  You will be considered deported as of the date when you leave the U.S. on your own, this method is known as "self-deportation".  You should send evidence of your departure to ICE so they know that you have left.  Some people find this a more desirable option, as it means not being detained by ICE, controlling the travel plans and choosing items to bring along. Keep in mind that with this option, you will have to cover your own travel expenses and arrangements.


Immigration Court


Self-Deportation is a very serious decision and has very serious affects. You should contact our U.S. immigration attorneys for a FREE consultation before you make any decisions on departing the United States.

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