Nunc Pro Tunc and Asylum


Nunc Pro Tunc Asylum Applications

As mentioned above, if you are the spouse of an asylum applicant or asylee, or if you are their unmarried, under 21 child, you may gain or try to gain asylum through them as an “asylee derivative.” However, if you lose your relationship to the principal asylee, or you marry or turn 21 and no longer meet the definition of “child,” you can still retain your status as an asylee. A nunc pro tunc asylum application is the next step towards receiving your Green Card. “Nunc pro tunc” is a Latin phrase that means “now for then.” In your asylum case, it means that you can ask the court to apply an order or judgment at a date earlier than it was originally given before filing to adjust your status in the U.S. Your nunc pro tunc application allows you to receive your asylum status once again but based on their own application and only after that to proceed and finalize their adjustment process.

I received my asylum status or Green card through a spouse or parent; how do I make sure to keep my Asylee Status or Green Card?

If you received your asylum through your spouse and you are in the process of divorce or have already divorced, call our office so you do not lose your asylee status or Green Card. If you are more than 21 years of age and you received your asylum through your parents, call our office because if you simply submit your adjustment application for Green Card it will be denied. For more information about obtaining your Green Card, contact our experienced Los Angeles immigration attorney. At JCS Immigration and Visa Services, we strive to meet all of your immigration needs and have focused our practice on the complex field of immigration law. [LINK TO CONTACT JCS]

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