Marriage Green Card Application Guide 2021

Introduction to our immigration law office

Thank you for contacting me regarding your Green Card petition for your spouse's Lawful Permanent Resident Status. We have successfully helped hundreds of clients obtain a work permit and Green Card (Lawful Permanent Residency) through their marriage to a U.S. Citizen and we have helped clients all over the United States. US Immigration law is Federal law, so the same rules apply to everyone in every State. Therefore, we are able to help with the application even if we are not in the same State as our client.

I have been practicing immigration law for over a decade, and I specialize exclusively in US immigration and visa law. As a result, I have developed a high level of expertise from which our clients benefit. We have access to the most updated immigration forms and software to help with our client's cases and we keep our knowledge on immigration law current through connection with USCIS as well as the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Immigration Section.

Our office has represented more than nine hundred (900) clients for adjustment of status in the last ten years and has enjoyed a nearly 100% approval rate on our marriage adjustment of status cases. Through existing relationships with USCIS and other immigration practitioners, we are able to solve problems and get results for our clients, and our reputation certainly works toward our client's advantage.

Our office is selective of the cases we take on as well because we believe that being selective will allow us to focus more time and attention on each client as an individual. We also pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients and we have an office policy to respond to client's inquiries at least within 24 hours. What really sets us apart from other immigration lawyers is that we provide direct access to our immigration lawyer's cell phone for clients to inquire via text and other chatting platforms currently available in the market. We are confident that clients will not be able to find another immigration lawyer that provides direct phone and text access as well as a policy to return client inquiries within 24 hours.

Please read carefully, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office at (323)380-8034 or send an email to or respond to this email directly.


For the following items you can scan and email them to me:

Your marriage certificate and all prior divorces decrees, if applicable.

US citizen spouse's US passport photo page, naturalization certificate or US birth certificate if you were born in the United States

US citizen spouse's most recent Tax Return on Form 1040, most recent W-2(s) and 6 months of paycheck stubs and, if available, a letter from employer stating good standing in the company and the amount of salary.

**Please note that if the US citizen petitioner is not currently working, you will need to find a joint sponsor who can sign the affidavit of support for your foreign spouse.  The joint sponsor must also submit to my office 1) his/her most recent tax return on form 1040, 2) most recent W-2s and 6 months of paycheck stubs, and 3) a copy of the joint sponsor's US passport photo page or naturalization certificate or US birth certificate. Please also note that the joint sponsor does not need to appear in any USCIS interview.

**Please note that generally speaking self-employed sponsors are difficult to meet the requirement, so you should look for someone who has a W-2 income if you are looking for a joint sponsor. Please also note that anyone can be a joint sponsor. The joint sponsor does not necessarily have to be related to the petitioner or beneficiary.

Foreign spouse's passport photo page and entry visa.

Foreign spouse's stamp in the passport on the day of entry.

Foreign spouse's birth certificate, which must be translated if not in English. Please note that applicants from Taiwan, Korea and Japan can submit a household registry instead of a birth certificate. However, the applicant should inquire with their government whether a birth certificate is available, and submit a copy to our office if their birth certificate is available.

Please complete the following questionnaire from my office so that we have the necessary information to complete your applications:

I need the original of the following: (must mail to my office):

If either spouse were divorced in the past, I need a certified divorce decree.

TWO (2) passport size photos from US citizen spouse

FOUR (4) passport size photos from the foreign spouse

USCIS filing fee of $1760, payable to Department of Homeland Security on TWO (2) checks ($535 AND $1225) card payments.  Please do not send cash.

USCIS filing fees can now be paid online through our office:

Pay USCIS fees online

Medical Exam Result.  Please be advised that the green card applicant only must undergo a medical exam for immigration benefits.  You can find authorized doctors for this exam by clicking on the link here:

Please note that given the prolonged processing time on marriage green card application, we are requesting that clients complete the medical exam toward the end of the application process and not submit it at the beginning. Medical exam result will expire after one year, so doing it too early may require the applicant to undergo another medical exam if the interview takes place more than one year after the application is filed. Please wait for our cue before doing the medical exam.


To prepare the Adjustment of Status application we charge a flat rate of $3500. This includes full representation throughout the adjustment of status application process, which includes drafting and submitting the application forms with USCIS, receiving duplicate notices from USCIS and sending them to you so that nothing goes missing in the mail. We are also responsible for responding to USCIS requests for evidence as well as unlimited consultation time as long as the green card application is pending.


Please note that it will take roughly 10 to 12 months on average to complete the entire process. We will receive the USCIS official receipts for the forms within 2 to 3 weeks. Your spouse's fingerprint (biometrics) will be taken within 2 months, and the work permit and travel permit will arrive within 150 to 180 days of filing the paperwork.  


1. Where can I check the status of my pending application on the internet?

For information on where to check the status of your application with USCIS, and a guide to receive free email and text message notifications of status updates on your case, visit USCIS case status here:

2. If I receive USCIS letters requesting additional evidence or other inquiries, who will answer them?

If you receive a Request for Evidence (“RFE”) and you already have the necessary documents, please email my office and send copies to USCIS as soon as possible instead of waiting for my office to send the documents.  If the copy is not available, my office will send a copy to USCIS. Please forward all USCIS correspondence to my office so that we can properly respond if contracted to do so.

3. My spouse needs to travel back home right away to see a sick relative.  Can she travel while she is waiting for her green card interview and how long can she receive permission to travel?

If your spouse is applying for adjustment of status, they can travel after they receive the advance parole (AP), which is a travel permit from USCIS. They must not depart the United States until after they receive the advance parole, which generally takes 150 to 180 days to be issued by USCIS given the current processing time. Departing the US without advance parole will lead to the adjustment of the status applications being cancelled under the law.

If there is a family emergency, please contact my office to arrange for an emergency advance parole in advance.  The attorney’s fee for the emergency advanced parole is $500.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at (949) 228-3922 or email me at this account. If you haven't done so, please follow me on Facebook (choose to see first so you don't miss any of my updates) and join my group for more answers in the future. We are looking to connect with you to provide more information in the future!

I look forward to working with you on this important matter.