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Los Angeles attorney at law Jack C. Sung, is an immigrant himself and understands how overwhelming the immigration and visa process may be. Since he started JCS Immigration and Visa Law Office in 2007, he and his experienced staff have been providing clients with personalized immigration services. Attorney Sung believes clients should have updates on their cases and direct access to current immigration laws affecting their cases. Whether you call, email, or text JCS Law Office, Mr. Sung will personally respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, that is his guarantee. His goal is to keep clients informed so that they are every bit informed as he is, and can make the right choices for their important immigration matters. San Diego has taken many steps to improve safety, including a recent $75,000 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety to the top ranking pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, intended to be used to increase awareness of safety measures for pedestrians. Similarly Road mishaps are a tragically common thing in today's world. Streets are not getting any wider while more and more vehicles pour into them. Coupled with the increasing demands of a globalized economy, any car accident attorney will not be surprised that smashups on the road are going up. Most people still take passenger cars to get anywhere. Modern automobiles have many safety features built into them, which has helped reduce the number of injuries and fatalities. Any car accident attorney will tell you that sometimes, this is not enough. Check this link for more details about chicago car accident attorney. You can go to this web-site for more about the Brain Injuries From a Car Accident

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Mr. Sung is a graduate of Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California. At Southwestern, he distinguished himself by receiving 3 CALI Excellence Awards for achieving the top grades in Contracts, Business Associations, and Sexual Orientation Law. He was also the Associate Editor for Southwestern’s Journal of Law and Trade. During law school, Mr. Sung was already a proponent of immigrant rights as he was an active volunteer with the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s (LACBA) Immigration Legal Assistance Project. He also authored a published article in Southwestern’s Journal of Law and Trade where he argued for giving undocumented workers all the rights and remedies under the National Labor Relations Act. Mr. Sung is also fluent in Mandarin and proficient in Japanese.

Currently, Mr. Sung is an avid volunteer attorney with the Los Angeles Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) Pro Bono Attorney Panel. He was recently nominated for the Public Service Attorney of the Year Award by Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Jack C. Sung's Volunteer Work:

  • Los Angeles Executive Office of Immigration Review Pro Bono Attorney Panel
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Immigration Legal Assistance Project

Jack C. Sung's Memberships:

Jack C. Sung's Awards & Honors:

  • Nominated, Public Service Attorney of the Year Award by Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • Author, Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Giving Undocumented Workers All the Rights and Remedies Under the National Labor Relations Act Deters Employers from Hiring and Exploiting Them, 13 SW. J.L. & Trade Am. 155 (2007).
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Law & Trade in the Americas (2006-2007)
  • Staff Member, Journal of Law & Trade in the Americas (2005-2007)
  • CALI Excellence Award, Contracts
  • CALI Excellence Award, Business Associations
  • CALI Excellence Award, Sexual Orientation Law


Jack C. Sung's Legal Clerkships:

  • Honorable Senior Judge Takasugi in the 9th Circuit Federal Court
  • Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office
  • Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office
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