Guide to Receive USCIS Case Updates via Email and Text Message

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has improved greatly with the way that they handle electronic notifications for status updates on an applicant’s pending case. Any inquiring applicant may log on, at any time, to and click on the “Check your Case Status” link to receive a visual update on the progress of his/her case. This guide will outline the steps to follow in order to set up live email and text message updates directly from USCIS for up to the minute news on your case.


Visit USCIS’ homepage at and click on “Check your Case Status”.

Case Status 1


From here, you may enter your Receipt Number, typically found in the top left corner of your Receipt Notice, in the space provided to receive an update on your case. The Receipt Number will include 3 letters first, which generally begin with MSC, NBC, EAC, WAC, SRC or LIN; remember to include this when inputting your Receipt Number.

 Case Status 2

(Click here to see a sample Receipt Notice)


To set up automatic electronic notifications, you must create an account with USCIS. Proceed by clicking the link to create an account and register as an applicant customer and agree to their terms of service.

Case Status 4



Next, you click on the “Add a Case to Your Portfolio” link and input your Receipt Number. Once you have added ALL the Receipt Numbers that you are interested in receiving updates for, you may turn on email alerts or text message alerts, or both for all of your pending applications.

Case Status 5


Once you have successfully set input all of your application Receipt Numbers and enabled email and/or text message updates you will receive all future updates via your preferred method!

Step 5

If you have any additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us here.

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