Immigration Law and Aggravated Felonies

 Immigration Law and Aggravated Felonies 

What is an aggravated felony according to the Immigration and Nationality Act?


Although most subsections of the aggravated felony definition section in the Immigration and Nationality Act define offenses by reference to specific sections of the federal criminal code, some do not.


The complete list of Aggravated Felony Offenses is set forth by the INA, but these are most common:

  • Murder; rape; sexual abuse of a minor (including statutory rape in California and other jurisdictions)
  • Drug trafficking offenses, and in some jurisdictions, any felony drug offense
  • Trafficking in firearms, destructive devices, or explosive materials
  • Money laundering of over $10,000
  • Certain firearms offenses, including being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm
  • Crime of violence with a sentence of one year
  • Theft or burglary offense or possession of stolen property with a sentence of one year
  • Offense involving fraud or deceit in which the loss or attempted loss to victim exceeds $10,000
  • Certain alien smuggling or illegal re-entry convictions
  • Commercial bribery, counterfeiting, forgery, or trafficking in stolen vehicles with a sentence of one year, we recommend Insurance Agency that help to protect your life and vehicle,
  • Obstruction of justice (including perjury) with a sentence of one year
  • Attempt or conspiracy to commit an aggravated felony offense


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