Newly Announced Immigration Action

On November 20, 2014 President Obama asked the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General to undertake new, more inclusive recommendations on reforming the United States' broken immigration system through his executive orders. The following 10 areas, confined to the law, can take action to increase border security, focus enforcement resources and ensure accountability in our immigration system.

Please be aware, there is currently an injunction issued by a Federal Judge that has temporarily placed the President's immigration actions on a temporary hold. If you or a loved one is interested in the Deferred Action for Parents of U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents, you may contact us for more details.

If you or a loved one has questions about eligibility for the new immigration actions, contact us now for a FREE immigration consultation.

What are the President's Executive Actions?

CBP Border

Strengthen Border Security

Homeland Security will implement a strategy to fundamentally alter the way in which resources are used at the southern U.S. border. DHS will commission three task forces for various law enforcement agencies. The announcement intends to better structure border officials and agents to secure the nation's borders.

ICE Officers

Revise Removal Priorities

Homeland Security will be directed to implement a new department-wide enforcement and deportation policy. National security threats, convicted felons, gang members and illegal entrants who have been apprehended at the border are among some of top priorities for removal. Under this new policy, those who entered illegally prior to January 1, 2014 who never disobeyed a prior order of deportation and were never convicted of a serious crime, will not be high priorities for removal. This aims to balance the resources and officers to serious offenders.

Replace Secure Communities with New Priority Enforcement Program

A new program is being introduced that will continue to rely on fingerprint-based technology and data submitted during bookings by state and local law enforcement agencies, to determine when ICE will seek custody of certain criminals. This is expected to enhance ICE's ability to arrest, detain and remove individuals deemed threats to national security, border security and public safety. Fingerprints are taken of immigrants as they enter the country, they are taken for identification purposes and in order to check criminal histories. To read more about why the immigration authorities are taking fingerprints, you could look here. This ensures that everyone remains safe in the country.

Expand Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program

One of the most exciting updates, that our Los Angeles immigration lawyers are pleased to share is the expansion of the current DACA program. The expansion of DACA will encompass a broader class of children. Now, regardless of the age the person was on June 15, 2012, all undocumented children who entered the U.S. before the age of 16 and meet other specific criteria will be eligible for DACA. The policy has now changed to give temporary status and employment authorization for 3 years, rather than 2 years.

family of immigrants

Extend Deferred Action to Parents of U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents

Parents of U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident children who meet certain criteria will now be eligible for Deferred Action and Employment Authorization for a period of three years. This program will allow for these individuals to pay taxes and contribute to the economy, whereas they couldn't before.

Expand Provisional Waivers to Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents

President Obama has decided to expand on the 2013 provisional waiver program for undocumented spouses and children of U.S. citizens to include the spouses and children of Green Card holders, as well as the adult children of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents. The policy seeks to expand and clarify the "extreme hardship" standard as well.

N-400 Citizenship

Promote the Naturalization Process

In order to promote access to U.S. citizenship, Homeland Security will permit the use of credit card payments as an option for the filing fee that is typically only accepted in check, cashier check and money order form.

Employment visa

Support High-Skilled Business and Workers

The government will look into a number of administrative actions to better enable U.S. businesses to hire and retain highly skilled foreign born workers.

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