Helpful Tips for Filing a Fee Waiver with USCIS

USCIS has provided detailed instructions on the procedure to request a waiver of the filing fees associated with certain applications to immigration benefits. It is important to fill out the application completely and provide the information that is required with your initial filing. Please read and follow the filing tips below to ensure proper processing of your request for a fee waiver.

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Immigration Application


Complete Request for Fee Waiver Fully and Accurately with USCIS

  • Be sure to use the most current version of Form I-912
  • Carefully read the instructions for Form I-912, available here
  • Be aware that in section 3 of Form I-912, you are able to check as many boxes as applicable to your situation regarding the Basis for Request
  • File Form I-912, with the form for which you are requesting a fee waiver


Documenting Means-Tested Benefits

  • Reference Page 2, Step 1, sub-step 1b of the Form I-912 instructions for examples of what is considered a means-tested benefit. If you do not see the benefit in which you are receiving, you should contact the agency that is granting your benefit for more information on the criteria they use in granting the benefit
  • If you are receiving a means-tested benefit that is not well known outside of the area you live in, provide as much information as possible about this benefit
  • In general, USCIS classifies a benefit granted based on income criteria as a means-tested benefit

Income Below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

  • You may qualify for a fee waiver if the income in your household is below 150 percent of the federal poverty level at the time of filing the application (see I-912P, HHS Poverty Guidelines for Fee Waiver Request)
  • If you are homeless and staying at a homeless shelter you may submit a letter from the shelter stating you current situation


Denied Green Card


Common Reasons for USCIS Denials of Fee Waiver Requests

  • The form was not signed
  • The applicant is not eligible for a fee waiver due to too high of income
  • The form is not eligible for a fee waiver (see page 1 of Form I-912 instructions for a list of forms eligible for a fee waiver)
  • You did not provide enough evidence to establish that you are experiencing
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