Checklist for Preparing Your Green Card Application

How can I file a Green Card application?

Applying for a green card is a complicated process. It is usually recommended that you seek qualified legal counsel before embarking on your personal immigration journey. Our experienced immigration, visa and green card attorneys can help you at every step of the way to make sure you have the best possible opportunity to achieve your immigration goal. If you need help with your green card application, feel free to call or email our Los Angeles immigration attorneys. If you want to attempt the application on your own, the following tips will help you submit a proper application.

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1. Make Certain that the Filing Fee is Correct

Immigration law is constantly being revised and reformed. USCIS makes changes frequently. You need to make absolutely certain that you are sending the correct filing fee according to the newest updated information. Sending the wrong fee sets you behind and wastes precious time in your application process.


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2. Make Sure Your Signature is in Fresh Ink and is an Original Signature for USCIS

You need to sign all paperwork in the correct places. Missing a signature will cause your application to be rejected and wastes more time for the paperwork to be sent back to you and then for you to sign it correctly and send it again to the USCIS office for processing. It is important that you use black ink and that all of the signatures are original, not copies from a photo copier. Ask for assistance a reliable lawyer to help you get a green card and to provide you with up-to-date information.


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3. Make a Table of Contents for All Evidence Submitted for Your Green Card Application

There are many documents and supporting pieces of evidence that your application will require to be successful. It is often an overwhelming amount of material. You should organize the evidence and documents for your own sake and to ensure the best possible chance of your application being accepted. If you forget to add an important piece of evidence or you submit a disorganized mess such that the immigration officer at USCIS cannot locate the evidence or documentation that he or she may need, your application risks being rejected. A table of contents is the best means to organize your evidence.  Make sure to arrange the documents logically as well.

If you need help with your application and want to be assured that you have submitted the best possible application for your immigration goals, please contact our experienced Los Angeles immigration attorneys for a FREE consultation now.


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4. Submit a Cover Letter Explaining What You are Sending to USCIS

Anytime you send a packet of documents or application and evidence, you should write a brief letter to explain what it is that you have sent and why. It is a simple thing to add to your application or evidence packet, but it will help to make sure that the person at USCIS who receives it in the mail will know exactly what it is that you want to accomplish. By helping the officer, you are helping yourself too.  Then they can proceed with the application process and file or direct your paperwork to the correct person for further analysis. If you need help with your application, our Los Angeles immigration attorneys can provide you with expert legal counsel on your case. Call or email JCS Immigration and Visa Services today!


5. Make a Copy of Your Green Card Application and Everything that You Submit to the USCIS

You have put a lot of time and effort into your green card application. You have gathered all of the important documents and pieces of evidence that you think USCIS will need or that they have explicitly requested. Now you are ready to mail it off to them—but what if it gets lost? You should make copies of everything you submit to the USCIS. Not only will you have a back-up in case something happens to your packet, but you will also have a record for yourself in case you need to review what you sent to USCIS as well. Do not take the unnecessary risk of neglecting to copy all of your application forms, documents and evidence.




6. Use Registered Mail and a Return Receipt to Establish a Record of Your Mailing to USCIS

Many thousands of pieces of mail travel around the country every single day. Your mail comes to you regularly and you may rarely have problems. However, your green card application is very important, and precious to you. You should send it only using registered mail and ask for a return receipt as well so that you can track it and confirm that it was received by the USCIS office. If it is lost by the mail service or if the USCIS claims that they did not receive it on time or at all, you will have a record that you did mail it and that it did travel to the USCIS office. If you have the return receipt, it shows that someone delivered the mail to the address as well. The cost of mailing in this manner is very small, but the peace of mind and proof of mailing is priceless.

If you have additional questions or need guidance on how to file your immigration application with USCIS, contact our experienced U.S. immigration attorneys now for a FREE consultation.

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