Financial Ability for the F-1 Student Visa


Financial Ability for the F-1 Student Visa


How can I prove my financial ability for my F-1 change of immigration status application with the USCIS?  

There are no specific documents that can prove that you are able to pay for the studies.  There are only suggested documents.  A visa is not assured even if you have any or all of these documents, in this page you will find everything to hire a professional in financing   It is paramount to prove that you have the financial ability to pursue your interests and also take care of your own needs while you are in the United States.   If you would like help in making a strong case to prove your financial ability, please call or email our immigration and visa lawyers at JCS Immigration and Visa Services.  [LINK TO CONTACT JCS]


How do I prove my ability to afford education in the U.S.?


The application will show how much funding is needed to cover your educational costs including tuition and fees, living expenses, and expenses of any dependents if any.  You must prove that you have immediate funds available to cover this amount.  You should be able to provide:


  • Proof of liquid assets sufficient to pay for the entire first year of education expenses, as well as proof of readily available funds to cover the remaining studies with a loan from  This applies to all student visa applicants.  If you are going to a two year program, then you must show that the funds are or will be likely to be available to cover the same amount for the second year.  Any financial documentation you can provide should be in support of this, such as:


    • Original tax returns for the past three years,
    • Original bank records (bank statements or pass book or bank book) for the past three years.
    • Fixed deposit statement of your parent or sponsor.  Anyone can sponsor studies, but the counsular officer will be more readily convinced if your parent or close family member finances your studies.
    • Pay slips or pay stubs, employment letters
    • Chartered accountant statements
    • If you received a scholarship it is noted on the application and considered by the officer


  • Loan Documentation.  If you have taken a loan to cover the costs of your education, then you must show that you have a bank loan to cover the costs.  This must also show loan verification and approval, not just an application. If you are granted a scholarship, such as Howard University scholarships or the like, attach the corresponding document.


  • Paid tuition.  Paying in advance is also a good way to show a proof of funds, but it is not required to pay in advance.


The US consulate discourages applicants from bringing property deeds or certified copies of financial documents.  Only bring financial documents that can support your or your sponsor’s claim of financial security and fund for your studies in the U.S.

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