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2019 DUI and Sentence Reduction Rule

New Rule adopted by USCIS on multiple DUIs and sentence reduction. Jack thinks: "WOW, very bad for people who have multiple DUI or for sentence reduction strategy at the state level to avoid deportation, or to qualify for specific immigration benefits. These decisions make several immigration applications very difficult for some applicants. See below:" WASHINGTON—U.S. Citizenship and Immigration...
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5 tips for filing H-1b work visa from immigration lawyer

This article aims to help applicants for the H-1b work visa through employer's sponsorship, and offers tips on how to correctly prepare the application.

H-1b petition is filed by the sponsoring employer on April 1st of every year to US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). Over the last five years, there were more applicants than there...
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Can I travel while my green card applications are pending?

Many green card applicants need to travel while their applications are pending with USCIS; when can I travel if I am applying for a green card?

This article talks about the legal advice given to green card applicants who need to travel out of the United States while they are waiting for their green card application...

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3 crucial evidence for marriage green card approval

This post is intended as resources for applicants of green card based on marriage to understand the types of evidence that are crucial to the approval of the application.

Number one: evidence that you are currently living together.

Evidence of living together include lease agreement signed by both parties, jointly owned residential deed, mail addressed to each...
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