Acts that Will Cause Removal or Deportation

What acts will cause removal or deportation of immigrants, regardless of citizenship status?


Grounds of deportation are triggered by either a conviction, or by conduct.  In many cases, however, an experienced attorney may be able to carefully construct a criminal disposition to avoid establishing both conviction and conduct based grounds.


  • Any conviction that is an aggravated felony, regardless of the date of commission or conviction (even if it is a misdemeanor) triggers mandatory deportation.  Once deported, the noncitizen will never be able lawfully to return to live in the United States.
  • Conviction for violation of any law related to a controlled substance will also result in a noncitizen’s  deportation.  In many cases, no relief will be available to avoid removal on the basis of a controlled substances offense.
  • Convictions of crime(s) of moral turpitude triggers deportation if it was committed within five years of admission and is punishable by at least one year imprisonment.  Conviction of two crimes of moral turpitude after admission triggers mandatory deportation.
  • Certain domestic violence convictions and Temporary Restraining Order violations are also criminal grounds of deportation.

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