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Reinstatement of Removal

Who is subject to reinstatement of removal and does an order already exist?

Unless an individual meets a statutory or judicial exemption, discussed below, INA Section 241(a)(5) applies to non-citizens who return to the United States illegally after having been removed under a prior order or deportation, exclusion or removal.

The reinstatement statute...

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Cancellation of Removal in Immigration Court

What is Cancellation of Removal?

An application for cancellation of removal is a form of immigration relief, exercised in Immigration Court as a administrative discretionary act. This form of immigration relief is only available to certain individuals who have been placed into removal proceedings before the U.S. Executive Office for Immigration Relief (EOIR). It...

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VAWA Cancellation of Removal in Immigration Court

If you are in removal proceeding and you were a victim of domestic abuse, you may be eligible to apply for relief from removal with the immigration court in the form of a VAWA cancellation of removal application. VAWA Cancellation of Removal provides another deportation defense to victims of domestic violence who find...

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