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L Visa Time Limits and Other Options

How to Extend Your Stay in the U.S. Beyond the Time Period Specified by USCIS


Can I recapture time not spent in the U.S. to stay here longer on my L visa?


Immigration law states that “the period of authorized admission for” an L-1 nonimmigrant admitted to render services in a managerial or executive capacity shall not...
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The L-1 Visa for Employees Coming to the United States


L-1 Visa for Intra-company Workers


A company that wishes to relocate qualified employees who are foreign nationals may seek the L-1 visa.  The L-1 visa is a  non-immigrant visa which allows companies to temporarily  relocate employees to U.S. operations.  The relocated employee must be transferred from a subsidiary, parent, affiliate, or branch office...

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L-1 Visa Qualifying Organizations

What is a Qualifying Organization for an L-1 Visa?   For the purposes of an L-1 visa, foreign businesses or organizations are required to be related to the U.S. based entity in a specific manner.  The following are recognized as acceptable qualifying relationships according to USCIS.   Majority Ownership If a foreign entity owns more than 50% of a U.S....
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L-1 Visa to Permanent U.S. Resident

The L-1 Visa Category is a Dual Intent Visa


The L-1 visa is a ‘dual intent’ visa.  This means that although the primary reason for an L-1 visa holder to be in the U.S. is to work for the U.S. branch of a foreign company, he or she may also apply for a Green...

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