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VAWA Cancellation of Removal in Immigration Court

If you are in removal proceeding and you were a victim of domestic abuse, you may be eligible to apply for relief from removal with the immigration court in the form of a VAWA cancellation of removal application. VAWA Cancellation of Removal provides another deportation defense to victims of domestic violence who find...

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Evidence to Prove VAWA Eligibility

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) application is a major lifeline for abused immigrants. The following will help you obtain your VAWA green card.  In general, the more sound and substantiated evidence you can produce, the stronger your case will be.


Evidence that the Marriage was Entered into in Good Faith (if applying as...

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Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Green Card

What is VAWA?


The Violence Against Women Act, known as VAWA, was established in order for immigrant victims of substantial physical, mental, emotional and domestic abuse who were the spouse, children or parent of a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident to get help and self-petition to receive a green card without relying...

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