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National Interest Exception for Prosidential Proclamation 10014

Since INA 212(f) confers the president with authority over “entry”, many AILA members have inferred that the IV ban should not restrict U.S. consulates from issuing immigrant visas. At this year’s virtual AC20 DOS Open Forum the Director of Legal Affairs at the Visa Office rejected such an interpretation and expressed the State Department’s longstanding view that presidential authority over entry in INA 212(f) extends to visa issuance.
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Re-entry Permit

Generally, LPR must present admission document upon entry to the US or be inadmissible. INA Section 212(a)(7)(A). LPR must present green card (I-551), or re-entry permit, but USCIS may waive requirement. 8 CFR 211.1(b). If an LPR returns without proper documents after temporary absence abroad and good cause exists for the failure to...

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