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Visa revocation email received, what to expect next?

Why are some foreign nationals receiving visa revocation email from the US Consulate in recent weeks?

Foreign nationals on F-1 and H-1b status in the United States and those holding the same visa outside abroad have received visa revocation email from US Consulate or Embassy in recent weeks. In the email, the consulate informs them that...
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5 tips from immigration lawyer for change of status application

If I am applying to change my immigration visa status with USCIS, what should I prepare?

This article offers tips to applicants who have entered the United States in a nonimmigrant status (B1/B2, F-1, H-1b, E-3) but wish to change to another visa status to remain in the United States longer or for other...

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Q Visa for Cultural Exchange Visitors to the U.S.

What is the Q visa and who qualifies?

The Q-1 Visa was designed to allow foreign individuals to enter the United States to take part in an established international cultural exchange program. The exchange program must be one to provide practical training, employment and sharing of the individual's native culture, history and traditions with...

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