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Final Order of Removal

What happens after an order of removal becomes final?

If you had a Deportation/Removal Proceedings hearing, in which you were not issued any form of immigration relief, the Immigration Judge likely ordered you to be deported from the United States. Also, if you did not attend your final...

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Motion to Reopen Removal Proceedings

Can I file a motion to reopen my removal proceedings in Immigration Court?

If you were ordered removed from the U.S. in absentia, you may be able to have your removal proceedings reopened. If proceedings are reopened, you will be rescheduled for a new hearing in the Immigration Court...

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Prosecutorial Discretion and Relief from Removal

What is Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Court?

If you do not qualify to file a Motion to Reopen with the Immigration Court, you may apply for discretionary relief from ICE. In certain situations, circumstances arise that cause the government attorney to exercise his or her discretion and close...

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